HTTP Status Codes

Status codes are a 3 digit number sent by the web-server to the client which indicate how the webserver handled the request

Types of Codes: Indicated by the first digit of the code

Code Description
1xx Informational: Request was received, and is still processing
2xx Success: Request was received, understood and accepted
3xx Redirection: Further action required
4xx Client Error: The request has bad syntax or cannot be fulfilled
5xx Server Error: The server failed to fulfill a seemingly valid request


Code Description
100 Continue: Server reported OK, and to continue request
101 Switching Protocols: Requestor has asked server to switch protocols and server has agreed
102 Processing: Server is processing the request, no response available yet
103 Early Hint: Lets agent start preloading resource while server processes response


Code Description
200 OK - The GET/HEAD/PUT/POST/TRACE was successful
201 Created: Request has succeeded and new resource created
202 Accepted: Server has received the request and accepted it
203 Non-Authoritative Information: Request way ok, but request has been modified
204 No Content: There is no content to send for this request
205 Reset Content: client should reset the document which sent request
206 Partial Content: Only part of content returned to client as requested
207 Multi-Status: Information avaliable for multiple resources (WebDAV)
208 Already Reported: (WebDAV)
226 IM Used: Server has fulfilled a request with a result of one or more instance-manipulations


Code Description
300 Multiple Choice: Multiple possible responses, user-agent or user should choose one of them
301 Moved Permanently (redirect): Resource has moved, user-agent should update to new address
302 Found (Previously "Moved Temporarily"): Location has temporarily changed URL
303 See Other: Client should get requested resource at another location with a GET request
304 Not Modified: Cached version has not changed on server, can still use
305 Use Proxy (Deprecated): Requested content must be accessed by a proxy
306 Reserved
307 Temporary Redirect: Location has changed, must send request to new server with same HTTP method
308 Permanent Redirect: Location has Permanently changed, must send request to new server with same HTTP method

Client Error

Code Description
400 Bad Request: Server didn't understand request due to syntax error
401 Unauthorized: User does not have authorisation to access resource, or is blocked
402 Payment Required (Future Use)
403 Forbidden: The server has explicitly denied the operation (Possibly ModSec)
404 Not Found: Resource on server does not exist
405 Method Not Allowed: Request rejected, ie DELETE a file
406 Not Acceptable: Criteria for request not met or rejected
407 Proxy Authentication Required
408 Request Timeout: Responce to request not received in expected time
409 Conflict: Server is unable to furfile request due to it's current state
410 Gone: File has been removed from server and should be removed from clients index
411 IM Used: Length Required
412 Precondition Failed: Server does not meet conditions set in header
413 Payload Too Large: Request to large
414 URI Too Long
415 Unsupported Media Type: Server rejected the file type requested
416 Range Not Satisfiable: Range field in header can't be fulfilled
417 Expectation Failed: Server can not meet criteria set in the 'EXPECT' header feild
418 I'm a teapot: Server has refused request for an unspecified reason
421 Misdirected Request: Redirected server cannot handle request
422 Unprocessable Entity: WebDAV
423 Locked: WebDAV
424 Failed Dependency: WebDAV
425 Too Early: (Experimental) Server does not want to process a request which may be a replay
426 Upgrade Required: Server refused request, but might complete it if done over a different protocol (ie over a secure protocol)
428 Precondition Required: Request required to be conditional, designed to prevent 'Lost Updates'
429 Too Many Requests: To many requests received, throttled
431 Request Header Fields Too Large
451 Unavailable For Legal Reasons: Unavaliable, such as goverment censorship or organisation filter

Server Error

Code Description
500 Internal Server Error: ie Coding Error, Out of Memory
501 Not Implemented: Request method not implimented on server
502 Bad Gateway: Invalid response received by server
503 Service Unavailable: Out of Resources, High-Load, Misconfiguration
504 Gateway Timeout: Server acting as a gateway did not get a response in time
505 HTTP Version Not Supported: Very early implimentations blocked for security
506 Variant Also Negotiates: Server Error
507 Insufficient Storage: WebDAV
508 Loop Detected: WebDAV
510 Not Extended: Extensions to request needed
511 Network Authentication Required: Client needs to authenticate to gain network access

Additional Non Standard Codes

Code Description
218 Apache Web Server: This is fine, catch all
430 Shopify: To many requests, rate-limited
450 Microsoft: Blocked by Windows Parental Controls
509 Apache Web Server/cPanel: Bandwidth Quota exceeded
520 Cloudflare: Web Server Returned an Unknown Error
521 Cloudflare: Origin Web Server Is Down
522 Cloudflare: Connection Timed Out
523 Cloudflare: Origin Is Unreachable, ie bad DNS Record
524 Cloudflare: Timeout Occurred
525 Cloudflare: SSL Handshake Failed with Origin Server
526 Cloudflare: Invalid SSL Certificate
527 Cloudflare: Railgun Error

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