cPanel Scripts

Common useful cPanel scripts

Suspending & Unsuspending accounts :

/scripts/suspendacct [username]
/scripts/unsuspendacct [username]

Increase an accounts disk quota (example to 2048MB) :

/scripts/editquota [username] 2048M

What cPanel user own's the domain, ie addon/alias domain :

/scripts/whoowns [domain]

Missing database not visible in cPanel:


Recalculate mailbox sizes for one user:

/scripts/generate_maildirsize --confirm --allaccounts --verbose [username]

Reset User Quotas back to their orginal plan values (use with caution!) :


Rebuild the Apache main config file:


Rebuild Named.conf file :


Restarting Services Gracefully

Services on a cPanel server should ALWAYS be restarted using the default cPanel scripts.
Checkout our article here: Restarting cPanel Services

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