UFW Firewall Commands

By default UFW firewall blocks all incoming ports by default unless
explictly opened, all outgoing is allowed unless explictly denied
This can be changed if required.


Set Default UFW Incoming Mode

ufw default [allow/deny] incoming

Default UFW Outgoing Mode

ufw default [allow/deny] outgoing

UFW Firewall Status

ufw status

Enable UFW Firewall : (Be sure you've first whitelisted ssh for your IP!)

ufw enable

Disable UFW Firewall :

ufw disable

Reset Firewall Rules :

ufw reset

Whitelist Incoming IP address on all ports :

 ufw allow from

Whitelist Incoming IP address on certain port (ie 22 SSH)

ufw allow from to any port 22

Open Incoming Port (ie 80):

ufw allow 80

Open Incoming Port Range & Specify Protocol (ie 6000-6010 TCP):

ufw allow 6000:6010/tcp

Block Incoming Port (ie 25):

ufw deny 25

Block Outgoing Port (ie 25):

ufw deny out 25

Delete UFW Rule by number (ie delete rule 8) :

ufw status numbered
ufw delete 8

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